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Technical Translations

Focus on important affairs that need your attention while our technical translators take care of translating your delicate documentation. With our technical translation services, you can be assured that the translation of your valuable documents is in the hands of a technical translator with expertise in the subject of each document.

We start this process by analyzing the documents you need to translate, considering all additional information regarding the purpose of the translation and any other style requirements that must be implemented to the document. By doing so, we can completely adapt to the image and style of your business.

After determining the logistics of the translation and your pricing quote approval, our Project Manager has a meeting with the translation team to distribute work and schedule deadlines according to your specific needs.

Our Technical Translations Process

1. Project Preparation

During the preparation process, our Project Manager determines, depending on the amount of technical vocabulary and the size of the original documents, whether it is necessary to create a bilingual glossary. Also, the style and quality requirements are set using our specialized software.

2. Translation and Editing

Next, one or more translators begin translating your documents into the desired language. In this step, technical questions concerning the terminology of the document may arise. The Project Manager will reach to you if questions arise.

After finishing the translation, the document will be edited and proofread. The editor will evaluate the quality of the translation, fine-tune its wording and consistency, and correct any possible errors made during the translation process.

In case you need a high volume translation delivered in a short time, we can make use of neural machine translation technologies that translate thousands of words in a few hours. Here, the translator functions as post-editor to give the translation the professional quality of a work of human hands.

It is important to mention that we will always give you our advice concerning the translation process fitting for your project, and that we will respect your choice.

3. Quality Assurance and Delivery to the Client

In the second to last step, the document will be passed on to the Quality Assurance Team, where the translated documents will be reviewed to ensure they have the appropriate technical tone and send a clear message to the intended reader. In this step, we ensure that the translation matches the original in terms of graphic design and image.

Once the technical translation is approved by the QA team, we proceed to send it to you.

Our translation processes comply with ISO standards 17100:2015 or ISO 18587:2017, depending on your needs and requirements. In addition, our services have a Satisfaction Warranty. This means that we will not consider your request finished until you are completely satisfied with the service provided.

Click on the technical translations service of your interest under the “Services We Offer” title below or contact us for detailed information about the service you need.

Additional Services

We create glossaries in various languages for the technical terminology used by your company in order to standardize the texts you elaborate.

Our editors are responsible for polishing existing documents, ensuring they are drafted professionally and focused on your target readers and free from spelling, grammar, and syntax errors.


Services We Offer

Project Examples

Feed Milling Machinery

English to Spanish translations for Van Aarsen’s machinery manuals, advertisement material, and more.

Pumps Painting Manuals

English to French translations for Ruhrpumpen’s manuals on proceedures to paint industrial pumps.

Certificates and Contracts

Chinese, Korean, and Japanese to Spanish Certified Translations for Individuals and Legal Firms.


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