Reasons to translate your website’s terms and conditions

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聽 Having a website of your company is no longer an option but a necessity. If you want to cover an international market, this is where the translation of all or at least certain parts of the page acquires a huge importance. You have to take into account that the usability of your page should be [...]

Check these tips before having your contents translated

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聽 If you want to internationalize your business and reach a greater audience, you have to translate your contents for example, your website or blog (including every entry), advertisements, instruction manuals and technical documents (if necessary). This seems easy enough, just sending a bunch of texts to a translation company and then waiting for them to [...]

Advantages of translating your e-commerce products

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Translating your e-commerce products for specific international market needs allows you to build your brand's reputation and put yourself on the podium as a true market specialist. Become a market leader E-commerce buyers from China consult different countries to buy different products. Through the Internet, they buy beauty, health, and nutrition products from France, opt for [...]