Is this the goal for future translators?

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Do you like to text with lots of emojis? Have you ever wonder if you're using them correctly? Have you gotten in trouble because you send lots of emojis? Or maybe too few of the? Do you feel like you need a translator to decode some text messages? If your answer was yes to any of [...]

Key skills every interpreter should have

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  Did you know that you need to fill a certain profile to fulfill the work field needs you want to work in? Being an interpreter is no easy task, this career has some demands that force professionals into developing a set of skills to be able to work successfully. This article will help you know [...]

Tips to review your translation

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  You finished your translation but you are not still sure if it meets the appropriate quality standards? Do you usually submit your translation into a specific process? When you are going to deliver a translation, you must be sure that it has a good and impeccable quality, so that you earn a client every time [...]

The challenge of translating technical terms

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  When we go into specialized translations, we usually find technical terms that turn into a real challenge, especially if they are new concepts or there are more words in the source language than in the target language. Any professional translator, regardless of having 30 years of experience or just one, may feel in trouble when [...]

Qualities of a good translator

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  The translator career requires a combination of two important aspects: passion and curiosity. Passion is necessary to perform and present each work in the best possible way, whether if it is a translation or interpretation. Curiosity is fundamental because in most cases, this profession requires knowing the social, cultural, scientific, political, and economic context according [...]

5 things you didn’t know about the translation process

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  A translator's work goes deeper than what is seen over the surface. In fact the translation process can only be the first half of the whole task, because the final result required much more work than you can imagine. Have you ever requested for the translation of your website or your company documents, manuals or [...]

Why are translations longer than the original text?

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Regardless of the language we are translating a document into, translations are usually longer than the original text. It's not a rule of thumb, however, it does happen frequently. For example, Spanish is one of the languages that require the use of more words to express something. However, the real reason why translated texts are more [...]

All you need to know to choose the right translator for your book

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  If you wrote a book and you want to translate it, so that your story and your message reach many more people, you have to know how to choose the right translator for your book. First of all, a good literary translator is a good reader. Why? Because translating literature isn't only about conveying the [...]

Interpreter or translator. What’s the difference?

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  If you have recently started searching for translation service providers for your website or company, you'll be hearing these two words often: interpreter and translator. Both terms are often used interchangeably and, although these professionals convey a message from one language to another, the way they do so is different. So, you should be aware [...]

Transcription: a Simple Task or a Challenge?

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One of the services offered by many translation agencies is transcription, which is to convert an audio or video into written text. Transcription can be performed from a simple audio file or a whole video.   In the best scenario, one or more people will be heard speaking clearly and in the same language, one at [...]