How to add YouTube videos to your PowerPoint presentation

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If you are working on an important presentation in which you want to show a YouTube video, you should know that it is possible to insert it to your PowerPoint slides so that you do not have to leave the file. Keep reading and learn how to do it! In PowerPoint 2016, 2013, the one for [...]

Advances in machine translation: Is it a risk for translators?

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  Machine translation has come into our lives and we know that there is no way to escape it. Of course, this implies that as time goes on, it will be perfected, updated and expanded to encompass a larger number of languages. This is an issue that translators cannot ignore, as translation needs, in an increasingly [...]

What are CAT tools?

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  The world of translation has evolved and advanced at the pace of technology, and that is why we have been listening about the advantages of CAT tools for some time. Do you know what they are? If you still do not know about these translation tools, I invite you to continue reading. Before we begin, [...]