Advantages of Hiring a Translation Agency

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When the time has come to take your product to an international level, translation is necessary. In a previous article, we showed you in general terms the difference between freelance translators and translation agencies. This time, we'll talk to you about the advantages of hiring an agency, and we'll give you some advice for you to [...]

Reasons to translate your website’s terms and conditions

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  Having a website of your company is no longer an option but a necessity. If you want to cover an international market, this is where the translation of all or at least certain parts of the page acquires a huge importance. You have to take into account that the usability of your page should be [...]

Get to know the advantages of having a multilingual website

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  If you have a Web page, either personal or business, that is directed to an international market, I suggest you to make a multilingual (or at least bilingual) page, as today the competition grows and it is necessary to adapt your page to the linguistics needs of your potential clients. Before we continue, I would [...]

Interpreter or translator. What’s the difference?

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  If you have recently started searching for translation service providers for your website or company, you'll be hearing these two words often: interpreter and translator. Both terms are often used interchangeably and, although these professionals convey a message from one language to another, the way they do so is different. So, you should be aware [...]

What you need to know before starting a global marketing strategy

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  Any global marketing strategy requires a bit of human intuition, interest in creative and innovative aspects and, above all, multidisciplinary knowledge. For example, if you want to conquer the Middle East market you must be careful not to promote products or services that offend their religious beliefs, if you prefer the China market it is [...]