How wide is the work field for a translator or interpreter?

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  Are currently studying a translation or interpretation career but you do not know which work field should be better to show your skills on? Do you know what you will do after you end up your career or not? Studying a translation or interpretation career means the connection of two different cultures due to language. [...]


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  We are pleased to invite all students and graduates of careers related to translation and interpretation to the first event organized by the Traduality Language Solutions. Our "2018 course for translators and interpreters" that will take place on Wednesday May 2nd, 2018 at 12:30 p.m. in the Alfonso Rangel Guerra Auditorium, at the School of [...]

Traduality receives the Best Technical Translation Company of 2018 Award

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  Latin America News Magazine has given us the Best Technical Translation Company of 2018 Award, as a recognition of the achievements and successes obtained in the last 12 months, thanks to our high commitment as a translation services provider. Mexican Business Excellence Awards is an initiative of Latin America News Magazine that recognizes the success [...]