How much post-editing does your text need?

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We have already published an article about post-editing, a procedure which consists of mixing machine translation with human translation. This process has two stages. First of all, the text must be translated with a machine translator. Then, the translated text is edited so it seems that it was made by a professional translator. In this article, [...]

The machine translation system and human post-editing: Should I hire this service?

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Have you ever needed a translation service for your business but you think that there isn't enough time for the project to be done properly? Some companies or clients sometimes need to translate corporate documents urgently, and it's almost impossible that this work will be done on time. If you're in this situation right now, don't [...]

Advances in machine translation: Is it a risk for translators?

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聽 Machine translation has come into our lives and we know that there is no way to escape it. Of course, this implies that as time goes on, it will be perfected, updated and expanded to encompass a larger number of languages. This is an issue that translators cannot ignore, as translation needs, in an increasingly [...]