Advantages of Simultaneous Interpreting in the Business World

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Have you ever needed interpreting services for conferences or important meetings in your company, but don't know which is the best option or where to start looking? Believe it or not, there are different types of interpreting. Each one of them has a specific purpose when put into practice. For a conference or negotiation to be [...]

The importance of terminology in specialized translation

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Terminology is a key element in translation, specially when translating a specialized area such as medicine or legal documents. Translating specialized, technical, or scientific texts is difficult. That is why there is a specific subject about this in college... so the translator can learn the different forms a term can be designated depending on the text. [...]

Not All Words Mean What You Think!

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Do you think you know the actual meaning of all the words in your native language? Language evolves constantly adding new words or phrases to the language. This evolution is increasing due to the influence of other languages, culture, and time itself. You'll see that the following words are the evidence. English has so many words [...]

What is the Neural Machine Translation?

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Have you ever required from a translation or interpretation service before? Nowadays, there are different technologies that translation agencies or freelancers offer as services. As technology is constantly changing all professional fields, you as a client may be wondering what is the latest technology when it comes to translation and interpretations services... So your company can [...]

The differences between a translator and a bilingual

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Have you ever met a bilingual that says that translation can be done just for knowing the language? Have you ever been asked to translate a file just by speaking a certain language or being native of that language? If you are a translator or interpreter, you surely know someone that affirms he/she can translate a [...]

Benefits and disadvantages of multi-tasking

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On the translation field, "multi-tasking" or "multi-task" is a very important quality. But, is this really a benefit? Can our brain really make more than one thing at once? The following article shows some of the benefits and disadvantages of multi-tasking. But first of all... 聽 What is multi-task? The term "multi-tasking" means "multi-task", and talking [...]

Benefits to your brain for learning a new language

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聽 Have you ever wondered what happens to your brain when you learn something new? A lot of scientific experts ensure that the brain benefits when we are constantly learning something. The brain is like a muscle, it exercises and becomes stronger after its constant stimulation. The scientists also guarantee that learning a new language is [...]