English words that made their way into Spanish

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  No matter how seasoned you are as a translation professional, there are always words that are difficult to translate or that have made their way into our own language, and we use them in our conversations, as if they were another word in Spanish.   We have another article in which I tell you about [...]


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Would you like to learn a language to amuse your friends? Do you love the way your favorite TV characters speak? Well... Down below are some constructed languages you can learn. But, what's a Conlang or constructed language? A constructed language is a language that is created only for artistic purposes. They aren't like artificial languages, [...]

Which are the most used business languages

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  Imagine this, your company is attending an international fair to promote the products and services it offers. Every document you need is already in Spanish and English. The question is, which other language could you translate your promotional documents into? We know that English and Spanish are two of the most competitive languages in the [...]

Interpreter or translator. What’s the difference?

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  If you have recently started searching for translation service providers for your website or company, you'll be hearing these two words often: interpreter and translator. Both terms are often used interchangeably and, although these professionals convey a message from one language to another, the way they do so is different. So, you should be aware [...]

Does language form our thinking?

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Have you ever thought about whether your language affects your way of thinking? Or that maybe, your way of thinking affects the way you talk? As we all know, our language is a fundamental part of our culture, but... how does language affect our culture and personality? If you speak two languages, do you think you [...]

Qualities of a good translator

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  To successfully perform this profession it is not only necessary to master the language, but also to have knowledge of the task entrusted, that is, to be a pro-active professional willing to learn new things, research and engage intellectually and functionally in what they translate.   One of the most frequent questions of a bilingual [...]

The languages of the World Cup 2018

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The soccer World Cup is a sporting event that moves and unites the whole world, regardless of our cultural differences and language barriers. Sport is something that we can all understand and enjoy. However, during sports events the presence of bilingual or trilingual staff is necessary, as both delegations and fans speak different languages. Also, FIFA [...]

Documents you need to translate to live abroad

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  If you are looking for opportunities outside your country or have plans to study or live abroad, it is essential to have the necessary documentation to process any legal paperwork during your stay.   Most of the documents required by authorities must be translated, if the official language in that country is different from yours, [...]