Let’s Translate the Names of the Most Famous Landscapes in the World

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When we were children, in Geography class we learned about the longest rivers on Earth, the largest rivers in the world, the highest mountains, and the most magnificent volcanoes. We were given their location, height, volume, and other information that we probably have already forgotten. Some of these natural landscapes have very strange names or even [...]

Top 5 Most influential languages of 2018

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  Are you interested in learning a language but don't know which one to study? If you want know which languages can get you an opportunity for a prestigious job or to stand out in class... I'll be presenting you today the 5 languages that stood up from the rest in 2018.   Mandarin Chinese Nowadays, [...]

Countries With The Most Language Diversity

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There are over 5000 languages in the world. However, the majority of languages belong to small communities that have a maximum of 100,000 speakers, in some cases these languages are on the verge of extinction being spoken by a single person. In this article you will learn about the 5 countries that have the most quantity [...]

Multilingual social media campaigns

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Social networks are an excellent marketing tool to create brand awareness and connect directly with your customers. But when your customers come from different parts of the world and speak different languages, planning and managing a campaign on social media can be very complicated.   Are you dealing with this problem right now? You should know [...]

Bilingualism and its benefits

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  Would you like to know a little more about bilingualism? Do you know what it means and the benefits you can get? Scientifically, it means that an individual can use at least two languages. The level of competence can change depending on the possibilities of using the two languages, sequentially or simultaneously with other speakers. [...]