Advantages of Simultaneous Interpreting in the Business World

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Have you ever needed interpreting services for conferences or important meetings in your company, but don't know which is the best option or where to start looking? Believe it or not, there are different types of interpreting. Each one of them has a specific purpose when put into practice. For a conference or negotiation to be [...]

What type of interpreting is suitable for my event?

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Organizing an event always comes with difficulties, from choosing the place to knowing how many and which guests will attend. In some cases, attendants speak a language different from the presenter's, which is a problem for the planning of the event. In those cases, you should run to interpreting services, so several aspects should be considered [...]

What’s the necessary equipment for simultaneous interpretation in conferences?

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As we've talked about in some other articles, simultaneous interpreting is quite useful in conferences, meetings, and lectures where we need to know immediately what the speaker is saying. But, what do we need exactly to help, both the speaker and the interpreter, to do their jobs without getting in each other way? Nowadays, we have [...]

Tips for Conference Interpretation

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  There's a lot of pressure when performing an interpretation at a conference, as it is easier to make mistakes when working simultaneously an oral discourse than translating documents that should be delivered one or several days after being received. In a conference, the interpreters not only translate the words of the speakers, they convey the [...]

Key skills every interpreter should have

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  Did you know that you need to fill a certain profile to fulfill the work field needs you want to work in? Being an interpreter is no easy task, this career has some demands that force professionals into developing a set of skills to be able to work successfully. This article will help you know [...]

How wide is the work field for a translator or interpreter?

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  Are currently studying a translation or interpretation career but you do not know which work field should be better to show your skills on? Do you know what you will do after you end up your career or not? Studying a translation or interpretation career means the connection of two different cultures due to language. [...]

How to Improve Your Memory?

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Memory is the ability to remember, but having a hectic lifestyle every day makes it easier to forget small things like keys and phone numbers. In the field of interpretation, memory is especially important in the consecutive interpretation area. In this kind of interpretation, our job is to wait for the speaker to finish speaking so [...]

Top 5 Most Famous Fictional Interpreters

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We all know interpretation is one of the hardest tasks in the world of translation. Interpreting simultaneously, despite being incredibly rewarding, is also a hard and exhausting job. In this blog post, I will be sharing a list of the most famous interpreters from the big screen and television, some speak languages out of this world. [...]