How to Distinguish a Professional Translator

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If you are about to hire a translation service for the first time, you might have questions about how to choose a good translator that fulfill your expectations and solve your linguistics needs. On the contrary, if you have already hired translation services, it wouldn't hurt to make sure your investments have been worth it. For [...]

Don’t be fooled with machine translators!

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Have you ever requested or required the services of a professional translator and they delivered you something you weren't expecting? Many people tend to be very careful when hiring an agency or a professional translator, for the fear of getting a bad result or experience... although sometimes they ignore this and do it just to save [...]

How to be a good translator

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If you are fully dedicated to translation, whether for a company or as a freelancer. As your career progresses, you'll notice your areas of improvement and what deficiencies or difficulties you have when working in an assignment. No one can know you better than yourself, and if your goal is to become a professional translator and [...]