When to hire a certified translator

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  A certified translator is the professional in charge of translating documents that need to be backed by law. These kind of translations aren't required for every document you need to translate. Do you need your documents to be translated, but don't know if you'll need a certified translation? So, when is it necessary to hire [...]

How to count the words in a document

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  When we request the translation of a document we must count the words so that the service provider can give us an accurate quotation, since the cost of a translation work is related to the number of words the document contains, in addition to the deadline we want and the target language. Counting words seems [...]

Documents you need to translate to live abroad

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  If you are looking for opportunities outside your country or have plans to study or live abroad, it is essential to have the necessary documentation to process any legal paperwork during your stay.   Most of the documents required by authorities must be translated, if the official language in that country is different from yours, [...]