Words without a direct Spanish translation

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English, like any other language, has its own aspects that make it unique. All languages have their own words to transmit feelings, actions, or moods that may be considered untranslatable as they do not have a direct equivalence in the target language. One of the most-known examples could be the verb to be, which in Spanish [...]

Let’s Translate the Names of the Most Famous Landscapes in the World

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When we were children, in Geography class we learned about the longest rivers on Earth, the largest rivers in the world, the highest mountains, and the most magnificent volcanoes. We were given their location, height, volume, and other information that we probably have already forgotten. Some of these natural landscapes have very strange names or even [...]

The Benefits of Translation within the Tourism Industry

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Everybody likes to travel once or twice a year and we always want to discover more places around the world. You dream of visiting France but when a guest greets you with a classy bonjour, oh mon Dieu! That's when the problem comes, as you never thought about how you'd communicate with foreign clients. One of [...]

5 brands whose names got them some troubles in foreign countries

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  Have you ever visited a foreign country and noticed that a brand you know has a different name there? Did you know that companies follow an extensive process of linguistic tests to prevent any negative connotation to the brand in other countries? When a product is launched internationally, companies must consider the languages spoken in [...]