What type of interpreting is suitable for my event?

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Organizing an event always comes with difficulties, from choosing the place to knowing how many and which guests will attend. In some cases, attendants speak a language different from the presenter's, which is a problem for the planning of the event. In those cases, you should run to interpreting services, so several aspects should be considered [...]

Benefits of a language policy for your business

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Many agencies choose a language as their official one, then they proceed to identify other key languages, which are essential to provide their services in specific markets. Ask for the services of a translation agency to develop a language policy that can help you connect with the market. You can also benefit your company, and it [...]

Which are the most used business languages

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聽 Imagine this, your company is attending an international fair to promote the products and services it offers. Every document you need is already in Spanish and English. The question is, which other language could you translate your promotional documents into? We know that English and Spanish are two of the most competitive languages in the [...]