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Translation and localization services are no longer exclusive for high-end clients. You can now get the best services whether you are an international corporation or a small business.

Translation & Localization Packages

Companies have different needs and while some require absolute perfection for their ongoing translations and localizations, others just need a partner they can rely on for occasional translation solutions. Some other companies cannot even afford going international with professional localization, forcing them to rely on inaccurate free machine translations.

Traduality鈥檚 localization packages make sure you pay for what you need, allowing you to save depending on how much scrutiny you need for your localized content while at the same time allowing smaller businesses to afford translations that will sky-rocket them when reaching new international markets.

Basic Localization

Starting at
$0.05/source word

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The option when saving budget is a priority and you rarely need translation services.

One-step professional translations with updatable glossary, and 7-day Satisfaction Warranty.

Globalize Your Success

Starting at
$0.06/source word

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A high-quality choice for corporate content acrossyour international locations.

Two-step professional translations with updatable glossary, advanced TM consistency, and API compatibility.

International Perfection

Starting at
$0.08/source word

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Create completely error-free internal and commercial multilingual content, including localization for specific markets.

Multi-step professional translations fully localized to specific markets, glossaries, TM, customizable API, accumulative discounts, and more.

Interpreting Services

Pricing for interpreting services will highly vary depending on several aspects such as the country where you need the service, the languages needed, whether or not you need interpreting equipment or a specialized remote interpreting platform, among others. Usually, you can expect interpreting services to cost over $200 per day.

Subtitling, Closed Captioning, and Transcription Services

We charge subtitling, closed captioning, and transcription services based on the source content playtime, with prices for subtitling starting at $5.50 per minute, closed captioning starting at $7.50 per minute, and transcription starting at $1.30 per minute. Pricing for these services may vary depending on subject matter, audio quality, and languages needed.

Hourly Services

We also provide several hourly services such as voice-over, language quality assurance testing (LQA Testing), user interface testing (UI Testing), international/local SEO, and more. Hourly services usually start at $30 per hour. However, just like most of our services, exact pricing is determined by several factors which is common practice in our industry.

Are you interested in any of our services or you need a specific enterprise solution? You can request a quote, contact us or create an appointment with one of our associates to help you with your localization needs.


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