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Chief Sales Officer (Business Partner Position)

Job Category: C-level Co-founder Sales
Job Type: Full Time Part Time
Job Location: North America Remote

About Traduality

Traduality has been active in the translation industry since 2009 as an early stage startup. We do businesses mostly in the United States, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Our team strongly believes we can use translation and localization to help companies protect and get closer to their customers, employees, and business partners in their native languages. We accomplish it by combining great ideas, unmatched customer service, and the latest technologies with hand-picked professional translators. That’s why our B2B services and products hold the potential to become the best in the translation industry.


Role Description

Traduality is looking for an experienced sales professional to join our team as Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and business partner with equity. The CSO is responsible for Traduality’s sales success at the C-level, on par with the COO and reporting to the CEO and stakeholders. Traduality’s CSO is in charge of the management of the entire sales department, overseeing all sales-related activities, including overseeing the day-to-day creation of sales strategies. The CSO studies sales numbers in order to assess how successful sales strategies are in the business.

The CSO provides leadership, direction, and resources to the sales department and is accountable for the overall sales department performance, the achievement of sales department goals and targets, and the alignment of the business’s strategy. The CSO is also charged with ensuring sustainable revenue growth by constantly maximizing market penetration.



Traduality’s CSO must be capable of planning and executing multi-cultural sales strategies aimed at driving revenue growth, perform leads revenue forecasting, and have leadership skills as he/she is responsible for sales team personnel, and giving final approval for hiring and organizational decisions.

The CSO must also have social and mentoring skills so he/she is capable of hiring, developing, and retaining top talent for the sales organization, skills also needed for working cross-functionally with fellow members of the leadership team to foster collaboration.

Finally, Traduality’s CSO must have sales and business experience and must be a problem-solver, so he/she can implement effective sales enablement tactics to help the sales teams work more efficiently.


Required Skills

  • Relevant sales experience (6+ years): To successfully lead a high-performing sales organization and perform sales efforts himself/herself until Traduality scales enough to increase the sales department.
  • Change management: To successfully lead our organization through change as it scales and grow.
  • Coaching and mentoring: To support and retain top sales talent.
  • Effective problem-solver: To professionally and effectively solve personnel and customer challenges.
  • Analytical skills: To understand and analyze relevant information to drive data-informed strategies.
  • Customer-centric: As serving customers with a customer-focused approach is a top priority.
  • Communication skills: Must have strong written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to share clear, relevant messages to Traduality, customers, and fellow leaders.



  • At least 6 years of sales experience in B2B services.
  • Educational background in business or sales.
  • Fluent English (writing and speaking).
  • Fluent Spanish (for extra points).
  • Experience working in the translation industry (optional).
  • Experience working with companies doing business internationally (optional).



  • Equity: 2%~8%
  • Salary (annual): $0 ($88,000 after seed round)

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