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A Localization Service

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Video Game Localization

Receive translations that inspire feelings, emotions, and comply with your guidelines, requests and coding. We also work keeping in mind players need to identify themselves with the characters. Working with us means that you will have a team that is passionate about contributing to the development of a successful video game in the language its players understand, with the details they enjoy.


1. Familiarization

During the familiarization step, our Project Manager collects all necessary information about your video game, which includes:

  • General information about the game (platform, target market, genre, etc.).
  • Recollection of support material (images, videos, sketches, character profiles, trailers, etc.).
  • Request or creation of a style guide that includes grammatical and syntactic rules, culturalization and internationalization elements, character limits, among others.
  • Request or creation of updatable multilingual glossaries with terminology that fits the game and its possible sequels or updates.

2. Translation and Editing

Once the style guide has been established, the translation teams adapt the text keeping in mind the culture of the target market.

We group the translation files into four categories, that are assigned to specialized translators:

  • Translation of scripts for narration, dubbing, or subtitles.
  • Translation of texts that appear in the game (UI).
  • Translation of manuals.
  • Translation of advertising material; dubbing or subtitling of online/TV videos.

In order to speed up the process, and provide texts that are consistent in tone, as well as any necessary corrections throughout the project, we assign an editor for each language to work alongside the translation process.

3. Localization and Linguistic Tests

After implementing the translated texts our Quality Assurance team will test the video game and analyze all other material in search of:

  • Errors in appearance and functionality.
  • Any legal issues with the linguistic aspects.
  • Cultural inconsistencies.
  • Compliance issues with the user interface or visualization standards.
  • Appearance of untranslated text or conflicting translations that could not be detected in previous steps.
  • Use of correct terminology.
  • Use of correct format, typographical errors, and more.

4. Delivery to Client and Follow-up

In addition to delivering the finished project, we guarantee ongoing support of all material so that it is available if you wish to launch an update, add new content, issue sequels, or more.

In case you already have a localization team, we can assist you by providing external support for any of the phases in this process.

Our translation processes comply with ISO standards 17100:2015 or ISO 18587:2017, depending on your needs and requirements. In addition, our services have a Satisfaction Warranty. This means that we will not consider your request finished until you are completely satisfied with the service provided.

Click on the video game localization service of your interest under the “Services We Offer” title below or contact us for detailed information about the service you need.

Additional Services

We analyze your product to ensure that it is free from visual and legal inconsistencies at a linguistic level that could affect the quality and launch of the product.

We look for textual inconsistencies in your product that could affect the user experience.


Services We Offer

Project Examples

Product/Brand Name Analysis

English (US) to Spanish (MX) analysis of new product names to ensure regional acceptance and suitability.

Video Game Localization

Translation of English (US) to Spanish (LATAM) UI strings, languistic testing, and genre conversion.

Localización de Sitio Web

Traducción del inglés (EUA) al español (LATAM) de contenido web, actualizaciones recurrentes y servicios en línea.


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