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Consecutive Interpreter

Hire one of our consecutive interpreters for situations in which a turn-by-turn basis translation is more appropiate. During this service, the speaker yields the floor to the translator from time to time, allowing the interpreter to translate what he or she has just said. The translation happens in a turn-by-turn basis. Generally, this is carried out without special equipment and for small audiences where the participants take turns to talk.

Our consecutive interpretation service is the perfect solution when your need meets some of the following features:

  • The event is for a small audience (less than 30 attendees).
  • You only need to translate into one language (e.g.: English to Spanish).
  • The speaker needs to interact with the public.
  • Practicality and mobility are important factors at the event.

For any other requirement, please see our other options or contacts us. We can provide you with the service you need.

All of our interpretation services comply with ISO standard 18841:2018.

Click on the consecutive interpretation service of your interest under the “Services We Offer” title below or contact us for detailed information about the service you need.

Additional Services

Focus on your event logistics only. If our Interpreter needs to travel, we will take care of all his traveling logistics for you at no extra cost. We try to keep interpreter traveling expenses at the minimum possible so you can save the most while also thinking on their satefy and comfort.

Services We Offer

Project Examples

In-field Machinery Trainings

Escort Interpreter for dynamic trainings involving machinery usage and movility.

Corporate Trainings and Meetings

Consecutive Interpreter for formal corporate meetings and trainings in a classroom.

Service or Product Presentations

Simultaneous Interpreter for presenting your services to a foreign audience.


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