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Interpretation Services

Hire a qualified professional interpreter with vast knowledge in your specialty area. If you have any doubts about the interpretation service you need, we can advise you at no cost

We also offer you our immediate attention so you can stop worrying about the translation of your multilingual event, and focus on other important details only you can resolve. Our professional interpreters have broad experience. We can offer you a qualified professional in countries from the Americas, Europe, and Asia. You can also ask us for the interpreting equipment and sound equipment your corporate event requires.

The four types of interpretation services we offer cover the different situations in which you may need an interpreter.

We can provide you with professional interpreters for a wide range of different situations such as:

  • Consecutive interpreter for management meetings.
  • Conference interpreters for press conferences, business and governmental conferences.
  • Simultaneous interpretation during your factory or manufacturing company opening.
  • Simultaneous interpreters for staff trainings.
  • Translators in your company for long periods of time.
  • Escort interpreters for foreign visitors.
  • And more.

When requesting any of our interpretation services, we will ask you for key information about the event in order to assign an interpreter with relevant experience for your specific need and send you an exact quote.

Once the service is confirmed and accepted, we will assign the professional interpreter(s) needed, analyze all the reference material that you can provide, familiarize ourselves with the topic and terminology, and take care of all the linguistic aspects involved so you can focus on other important affairs.

All of our interpretation services comply with ISO standard 18841:2018.

Click on the interpretation service of your interest under the “Services We Offer” title below or contact us for detailed information about the service you need.

Additional Services

Focus on your event logistics only. If our Interpreter needs to travel, we will take care of all his traveling logistics for you at no extra cost. We try to keep interpreter traveling expenses at the minimum possible so you can save the most while also thinking on their satefy and comfort.

Services We Offer

Project Examples

In-field Machinery Trainings

Escort Interpreter for dynamic trainings involving machinery usage and movility.

Corporate Trainings and Meetings

Consecutive Interpreter for formal corporate meetings and trainings in a classroom.

Service or Product Presentations

Simultaneous Interpreter for presenting your services to a foreign audience.


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