Advantages of Simultaneous Interpreting in the Business World

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Have you ever needed interpreting services for conferences or important meetings in your company, but don't know which is the best option or where to start looking? Believe it or not, there are different types of interpreting. Each one of them has a specific purpose when put into practice. For a conference or negotiation to be [...]

What type of interpreting is suitable for my event?

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Organizing an event always comes with difficulties, from choosing the place to knowing how many and which guests will attend. In some cases, attendants speak a language different from the presenter's, which is a problem for the planning of the event. In those cases, you should run to interpreting services, so several aspects should be considered [...]

How to Distinguish a Professional Translator

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If you are about to hire a translation service for the first time, you might have questions about how to choose a good translator that fulfill your expectations and solve your linguistics needs. On the contrary, if you have already hired translation services, it wouldn't hurt to make sure your investments have been worth it. For [...]

Advantages of Hiring a Translation Agency

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When the time has come to take your product to an international level, translation is necessary. In a previous article, we showed you in general terms the difference between freelance translators and translation agencies. This time, we'll talk to you about the advantages of hiring an agency, and we'll give you some advice for you to [...]

Don’t be fooled with machine translators!

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Have you ever requested or required the services of a professional translator and they delivered you something you weren't expecting? Many people tend to be very careful when hiring an agency or a professional translator, for the fear of getting a bad result or experience... although sometimes they ignore this and do it just to save [...]

What’s the necessary equipment for simultaneous interpretation in conferences?

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As we've talked about in some other articles, simultaneous interpreting is quite useful in conferences, meetings, and lectures where we need to know immediately what the speaker is saying. But, what do we need exactly to help, both the speaker and the interpreter, to do their jobs without getting in each other way? Nowadays, we have [...]

Reasons to translate your website’s terms and conditions

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  Having a website of your company is no longer an option but a necessity. If you want to cover an international market, this is where the translation of all or at least certain parts of the page acquires a huge importance. You have to take into account that the usability of your page should be [...]

Tips for Conference Interpretation

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  There's a lot of pressure when performing an interpretation at a conference, as it is easier to make mistakes when working simultaneously an oral discourse than translating documents that should be delivered one or several days after being received. In a conference, the interpreters not only translate the words of the speakers, they convey the [...]

False friends. Don’t be fooled!

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  If you’re familiar with two or more languages you surely have run into “false friends”, and many times, these encounters may seem funny. But depending on the situation, they might not be as friendly. Do you know what a false friend is in a language?   Don't worry. I am not talking about that kind [...]