Interpreters Are Everywhere: Sign Languages and Music Are Proof of it

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Imagine you want to close a deal in a non-English-speaking country but you only speak English. Who do you call to be able to communicate in this situation? Yes, an interpreter. An interpreter is a wonderful being with a great ability to absorb two languages, two cultures, two perspectives of the world, and uses that superpower [...]

The importance of terminology in specialized translation

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Terminology is a key element in translation, specially when translating a specialized area such as medicine or legal documents. Translating specialized, technical, or scientific texts is difficult. That is why there is a specific subject about this in college... so the translator can learn the different forms a term can be designated depending on the text. [...]

How much post-editing does your text need?

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We have already published an article about post-editing, a procedure which consists of mixing machine translation with human translation. This process has two stages. First of all, the text must be translated with a machine translator. Then, the translated text is edited so it seems that it was made by a professional translator. In this article, [...]

How to Distinguish a Professional Translator

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If you are about to hire a translation service for the first time, you might have questions about how to choose a good translator that fulfill your expectations and solve your linguistics needs. On the contrary, if you have already hired translation services, it wouldn't hurt to make sure your investments have been worth it. For [...]

The 10 most-famous English acronyms

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Do you want to use English expressions while talking with your friend but you don't want to write them all? Acronyms are an abbreviation that refer to common expressions, but sometimes we don't know what they exactly mean. In this article, you will discover some of the English most-known acronyms or expressions. As technology is constantly [...]

Not All Words Mean What You Think!

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Do you think you know the actual meaning of all the words in your native language? Language evolves constantly adding new words or phrases to the language. This evolution is increasing due to the influence of other languages, culture, and time itself. You'll see that the following words are the evidence. English has so many words [...]

The creative side of advertising translation

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Nowadays, we can see ads everywhere we go. Not just on the media but on the streets, means of transportation, buildings, and products as well. All that surrounds us is liable to be translated. Thanks to translation, we can see advertising in different languages. Here you'll discover the importance of "transcreation" in the translation world. But [...]

The machine translation system and human post-editing: Should I hire this service?

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Have you ever needed a translation service for your business but you think that there isn't enough time for the project to be done properly? Some companies or clients sometimes need to translate corporate documents urgently, and it's almost impossible that this work will be done on time. If you're in this situation right now, don't [...]

What is the Neural Machine Translation?

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Have you ever required from a translation or interpretation service before? Nowadays, there are different technologies that translation agencies or freelancers offer as services. As technology is constantly changing all professional fields, you as a client may be wondering what is the latest technology when it comes to translation and interpretations services... So your company can [...]

Introducing Traduality’s Global Care Effort Initiative

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There comes a time in every company's life when it grows enough to start making a difference in the world. Thanks to our wonderful team, all of our clients, and social media community, we keep growing as a company every day. Since Traduality's day 1 back in 2009 our team made a promise to support the [...]