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Which are the most used business languages


Imagine this, your company is attending an international fair to promote the products and services it offers. Every document you need is already in Spanish and English. The question is, which other language could you translate your promotional documents into?

We know that English and Spanish are two of the most competitive languages in the business world, but there are others worthy of our attention. Here is a list of some of the most used languages for business.

* Before proceeding with the list, I would like to make a clarification regarding to the English variant of the market you’d like to enter. We know that English has different variants among countries.. The English languages is different in Canada, USA and Australia, each country has its own idioms and even its own grammatical rules, so it is important to know what specific market we are directing or use neutral English.


More and more companies want to negotiate with this Asian titan to lower their production costs or enter its market. Through China they can also get quality materials and products, but for all this it is necessary to translate your content into Chinese.



It might seem surprising since German is not a language that is widely spread worldwide, but it is actually the second most spoken language in Europe. So, in order to establish commercial relations with countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland is indispensable.



Spoken across five continents and with 290 million speakers, French is a language that is mostly used and required by international legal institutions and by the tourism industry. So, if your company is part of this commercial activity, it is highly recommended that you translate your contents into French.



Brazil is a big market and one of the main countries in Latin America for commercial relationships. That’s why it is another language that you might consider if you want to reach out to new markets. Likewise, consider that besides Portugal and Brazil, this language is also spoken in some African countries.


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