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Microsoft Word tricks you should know


One of the most used programs for both studying and working is Microsoft Word, because it is an easy-to-use text editor, which offers many tools. However, not everyone knows perfectly the possibilities that Word can give us, so we have compiled a series of important tricks to make you become an expert.


Protecting a document

This is one of the most sought-after solutions, because in many cases it is important to protect your documents against any type of modification. Sometimes, to quickly solve this problem we save it as a PDF document, and forget that it is possible to protect it so that it is only for “reading” in Word.

To do this, go to the Review tab; in the Protect group, you will see a button that marks Restrict Editing; then it will open a column on the right side where you can select the options you want to activate.


Generate random text and paragraphs

This can be useful if you are creating a test document, where you need to have the entire sheet full of text. To avoid wasting time writing random words or letters, there is a command that generates several paragraphs with text.

Type =rand(number of paragraphs, number of sentences), press Enter, and it will automatically create the paragraphs you need.


Delete the mini menu that appears near the text

A lot of times, when we select a text in Word, we see a small toolbar to modify the font, copy format and change style. But, although sometimes it can be useful, many people are annoyed by it, because it can interfere when trying to read a full paragraph.

To remove it go to the File tab and click on Options. In the General Tab you have to uncheck the option that reads: “Show minibar of tools when selecting.”


Translating the text

If you receive a document in another language that you want to translate, you can simply select the text fragment, right click it, and then click on the Translate option. The program will open a column on the right side where you can see the translation.

Now that you know these tricks, you can put them into practice and teach them to your co-workers to make things a little easier.


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