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Interpreters Are Everywhere: Sign Languages and Music Are Proof of it

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Imagine you want to close a deal in a non-English-speaking country but you only speak English. Who do you call to be able to communicate in this situation? Yes, an interpreter. An interpreter is a wonderful being with a great ability to absorb two languages, two cultures, two perspectives of the world, and uses that superpower [...]

Let’s Translate the Names of the Most Famous Landscapes in the World

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When we were children, in Geography class we learned about the longest rivers on Earth, the largest rivers in the world, the highest mountains, and the most magnificent volcanoes. We were given their location, height, volume, and other information that we probably have already forgotten. Some of these natural landscapes have very strange names or even [...]

How much post-editing does your text need?

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We have already published an article about post-editing, a procedure which consists of mixing machine translation with human translation. This process has two stages. First of all, the text must be translated with a machine translator. Then, the translated text is edited so it seems that it was made by a professional translator. In this article, [...]

How to Distinguish a Professional Translator

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If you are about to hire a translation service for the first time, you might have questions about how to choose a good translator that fulfill your expectations and solve your linguistics needs. On the contrary, if you have already hired translation services, it wouldn't hurt to make sure your investments have been worth it. For [...]

Advantages of Hiring a Translation Agency

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When the time has come to take your product to an international level, translation is necessary. In a previous article, we showed you in general terms the difference between freelance translators and translation agencies. This time, we'll talk to you about the advantages of hiring an agency, and we'll give you some advice for you to [...]