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5 things you didn’t know about the translation process

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  A translator's work goes deeper than what is seen over the surface. In fact the translation process can only be the first half of the whole task, because the final result required much more work than you can imagine. Have you ever requested for the translation of your website or your company documents, manuals or [...]

7 key tips when looking for Translation Services

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  Today's world is becoming more and more global thanks to the Internet, and we get to know about the work of many different companies from countries far away from our own, through our screens. It is important to notice that these web pages appear in different languages to reach a greater number of people. So, [...]

English words that made their way into Spanish

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  No matter how seasoned you are as a translation professional, there are always words that are difficult to translate or that have made their way into our own language, and we use them in our conversations, as if they were another word in Spanish.   We have another article in which I tell you about [...]

Common mistakes of rookie translators

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No matter where you work, we've all been newbies at work at some point in our lives. If you're a translator, in this article we'll talk about the most common mistakes that most of us make during the start of our professional life, so you can avoid them.   Not knowing how to distribute your time [...]

Check these tips before having your contents translated

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  If you want to internationalize your business and reach a greater audience, you have to translate your contents for example, your website or blog (including every entry), advertisements, instruction manuals and technical documents (if necessary). This seems easy enough, just sending a bunch of texts to a translation company and then waiting for them to [...]

Choosing low-cost translations can be… expensive?

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  If you've decided to translate the content of your company, you should keep in mind that a low-cost translation won't always be the best option. No pay, no gain, that's why you have to invest in professional translation services to get the benefits you want. With this, I'm not saying that the most expensive services [...]

How to be a good translator

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If you are fully dedicated to translation, whether for a company or as a freelancer. As your career progresses, you'll notice your areas of improvement and what deficiencies or difficulties you have when working in an assignment. No one can know you better than yourself, and if your goal is to become a professional translator and [...]

Tips for translating manuals

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  Before translating, you have to understand that the translation of technical and specialized manuals is often a challenge for a translator who specializes in other kind of documents. It's important to have a specific knowledge in the subject and a direct communication with the client. In order to start translating a manual, you have to [...]

Why a good translation is important in the tourism sector

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  When working in the tourism industry, we have to consider that we are catering to a very wide audience that comes from different parts of the world. So, it's important that the translations of our web page, brochures, and client contracts are indispensable. A good translation can get you a more customers as people can [...]