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Bilingualism and its benefits

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  Would you like to know a little more about bilingualism? Do you know what it means and the benefits you can get? Scientifically, it means that an individual can use at least two languages. The level of competence can change depending on the possibilities of using the two languages, sequentially or simultaneously with other speakers. [...]

Smartcat and Traduality: A partnership that will benefit clients and translators

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Traduality brings you exciting news this time. Smartcat has become one of the company's corporate partners on Monday November 5th. This will bring a series of improvements and new growth opportunities for both companies.   Smartcat is an online platform that offers a wide range of tools for translators, translation agencies, and even end clients. Among [...]

How to avoid interpretation and translation errors

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  History is full of examples of translation and interpretation errors that have had high-impact consequences. From the myth of the Martians to the launch of the atomic bomb, the most controversial examples in history, including day-to-day expressions that occur in the UN, diplomatic speeches that, when mistranslated and interpreted, start a series of exaggerated events [...]

Qualities of a good translator

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  To successfully perform this profession it is not only necessary to master the language, but also to have knowledge of the task entrusted, that is, to be a pro-active professional willing to learn new things, research and engage intellectually and functionally in what they translate.   One of the most frequent questions of a bilingual [...]

What you need to know before starting a global marketing strategy

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  Any global marketing strategy requires a bit of human intuition, interest in creative and innovative aspects and, above all, multidisciplinary knowledge. For example, if you want to conquer the Middle East market you must be careful not to promote products or services that offend their religious beliefs, if you prefer the China market it is [...]

The biggest challenge for a translator: Puns

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  Translating is always difficult, but translating punsthat make sense in the target language and adapt to its culture is a major challenge. Punscan be present in all kinds of texts, however, they are more common in advertising, literary and comedy content. And the complicated thing is that their deep rooting in the language of origin [...]